Papua New Guinea: Bougainville: Political killings and “disappearances” continue

On or around 1 December 1994, shortly after the declared ceasefire between the Papua New Guines Defence Force (PNGDF) and the seccessionist Bougainville Revolutionary Army (BRA), two government soldiers were killed in an ambush by the BRA. Four days later, members of the PNGDF illegally detained and reportedly killed three men from Arawa in retaliation. Two other men are believed also to have been killed; their bodies have not yet been returned to their families. On 10 February 1995 it was announced that the army had begun an inquiry into the alleged killings. AI welcomes the announcement of the inquiry. However, given the failure to investigate past human rights violations by the PNGDF on Bougainville, AI is concerned that this inquiry may not result in the truth being established and those responsible being brought to justice. AI is calling on the PNG government to ensure that any inquiry meets international standards.

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