Pakistan: Reports of torture and death in police custody

This document describes reports of torture allegedly committed by police in Pakistan since 1989. Details about cases of death in police custody are also given, along with information about killings following alleged fake “encounters” with police. Among the cases documented are: Abdul Khaliq Mehar, died in detention; Atif Iqbal Bokhari and Rahila Tiwana, allegedly tortured in police custody; and Rais Ahmad, alias Kalia, shot dead in an alleged “shootout” with the police. Amnesty International’s concern about the use of rape of women in custody as a form of torture is also reported: among the cases described are those of Saima Anjum, aged 16, Ahmedi Begum, age 60 and her two daughters and two women, Bushra Bibi and Anwari, one of whom was reportedly deaf and mute.

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