Pakistan: new forms of cruel and degrading punishment

This circular deals with the new forms of punishment recently introduced in Pakistan under the Qisas and Diyat Ordinance. This ordinance redefines several categories of bodily hurt and their punishment under the Pakistan Penal Code. These are: itlaf-i-udw (dismemberment, amputation, severance of a limb or organ); itlaf-i-salahiyyat-i-udw (destruction or permanent impairment of an organ or permanent disfigurement); shajjah-i-mudihah (hurt to the head or face where bone is exposed but not fractured). Some forms of torture are included in the penal code for the first time. In some cases it recommends the culprits be punished with the same kind of injury they inflicted on the victim. AI is also concerned that medical personnel are required to perform these punishments.

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