South Korea: Unfair trial and torture: long-term political prisoners

Index Number: ASA 25/033/1993

Dozens of long-term political prisoners are serving prison terms of between seven years and life imprisonment on national security charges. Many appear to have been tortured during interrogation in incommunicado detention and to have been convicted largely on the basis of these coerced confessions after an unfair trial. Many are prisoners of conscience. This report gives details on the following cases: Yu Chong-sik, Cho Sang-nok, Shin Kui-yong, Kim Tae-hong, Park Dong-oon, Lee Hon-chi, Chong Yong, Ham Ju-myong, Kim Song-man and Hwang Tae-kwon, Kang Yong-ju, Chang Ui-gyun, Suh Kyung-won and Pang Yang-kyun, Baik Tae-ung, and Kim Nak-jung.

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