South Korea: Prisoner of conscience: Kim Keun-tae

Index Number: ASA 25/012/1991

The above-named, a 44-year-old leading dissident and co-chairman of the dissident organization Chonminnyon (National Alliance for Democratic Movement), is serving a two-year prison term in South Korea. He was arrested on 14 May 1990 on the island of Cheju, where he had reportedly addressed residents of the Young Mans Christian Association. Kim Keun-tae was charged under Article 7 (benefittin an anti-state organization) of the National Security Law and also under the Law on Assemblies and Demonstrations and the Law on the Punishment of Violent Acts. Although Kim Keun-tae has participated in rallies which resulted in clashes with the police, there is no evidence to suggest that he was in any way responsible. He was sentenced to three years in prison (reduced to 2 years after an appeal).

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