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Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea): What happened to Cho Ho Pyong and his family?

, Index number: ASA 24/005/1995

In April 1995, North Korean government officials told AI that former prisoner Cho Ho Pyong, his wife and their three young children had been killed in 1974 while attempting to leave the country. Cho Ho Pyong, serving a prison sentence for "espionage", had allegedly escaped and was, the government claims, trying to leave North Korea with his family on a stolen navy boat. The whole family were shot dead by army officers as they tried to escape. AI welcomes the fact that the North Korean Government has responded in this case but finds the official account of the deaths of Cho Ho Pyong and his family unsatisfactory. AI is seeking further information on several points. AI is furthermore disturbed that three young children were killed by officers of the Korean People's Army.

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