Kingdom of Cambodia: Human rights and the new government

Index Number: ASA 23/002/1995

In the 18 months since the new government of Cambodia was formed, AI has noted a gradual erosion of the positive human rights legacy of the UNTAC period. Although progress has been made in some areas, AI is increasingly concerned that fundamental rights and freedoms laid down in international human rights agreements are being undermined. Impunity for human rights violators appears to be the gravest human rights problem facing Cambodia. AI has documented dozens of cases where members of the security forces have committed violations and have been exempt from punishment, even in cases where the weight of evidence is overwhelming. Other issues dealt with in this report are: the situation of the ethnic Vietnamese minority; measures restricting freedom of expression and violations against journalists and editors; intimidation of leaders of human rights organizations; and abuses by the Partie of Democratic Kampuchea (Khmer Rouge).

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