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State of Cambodia: Human rights developments: 1 October 1991 to 31 January 1992 (includes 77-page appendices listing prisoners released and still detained)

, Index number: ASA 23/002/1992

This report describes developments in Cambodia from October 1991-January 1992 of relevance to AI's mandate. AI was allowed, for the first time, to visit Cambodia from 8-28 December 1991 to conduct a preliminary assessment of developments, both positive and problematic. Background to the Peace Agreement of October 1991 is given and releases of political prisoners in this context reported. Legal changes are described, as are those bodies empowered to arrest, interrogate and detain. The arrests of Kang Tong Heang, Kuch Siek and other alleged KPNLF activists are reported, and also of alleged PDK and FUNCINPEC activists. AI's concerns about deaths and arrests during unrest in late 1991 are stated. Also covered are the killing of Tea Bun Long and attempted killing of Ung Phan.

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