Cambodia: Update on political prisoners

This document updates “Cambodia: Recent human rights developments” (ASA 23/07/90). Since then, AI has had news of only one release. Some 192 other political prisoners, arrested between 1979 and 1990, have been identified; they may still be held without charge or trial. The names of seven additional political prisoners, possibly imprisoned after unfair trials, have also been obtained. Profiles of 14 prisoners are supplied. They are: Maut Lapli, Sam Loem (alias Sam Lem), Die Phal, Sok Phau (alias Sok Pou), Smav Prek (1), Smav Prek (2), Chan Ream (alias Chan Riem), Pe Sa (alias Be Sa), Sam Samay, Sek Samay, Prom Samnang (alias Prum Samnang), Phan Sareuan, Heng Sauphat, Loem Vat (alias Koe). Maltreatment, including shackling and beating, has been alleged.

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