Indonesia: Subversion trials in Yogyakarta

Index Number: ASA 21/010/1989

The subversion trials of two prisoners of conscience , Bambang Isti Nugroho, aged 29 , and Bambang Subono , aged 28 , began in Yogyakarta in late April 1989 . The two men were arrested in June 1988 , and later charged under the Anti-Subversion Law of 1963 {UU No . 11 / 1963). If found guilty, they face a maximum penalty of death . In June 1989 a student at Gajah Mada University in Yogyakarta , Bonar Tigar Naipospos , was arrested in a related case; according to reports he has also been charged with subversion (Kedaulatan Rakyat, 25 June 1989) . In late July the Attorney General announced that another 46 people will shortly be tried for subversion .

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