Further information on UA 377/91 (ASA 17/66/91, 8 November and follow-ups ASA 17/04/92, 8 January and ASA 17/29/92, 9 April) – People’s Republic of China: medical / legal concern: Liu Gang, Tang Yuanjuan, Zhang Ming, Li Wei, Leng Wanbao, Kong Xianfeng

Index Number: ASA 17/052/1992

A letter recently smuggled out of China accuses prison officials at the Lingyuan no. 2 Labour Reform Camp of severely torturing political prisoners. Some have reportedly had to be hospitalized as a result. Political prisoners at this camp are allegedly often beaten by prison guards and criminal prisoners, given electric shocks with high voltage batons and forced to work more that 12 hours a day. Liu Gang and five others were reportedly held in leg irons and sent to solitary confinement after refusing to take part in an “orientation course”. The prisoners went on hunger-strike which resulted in harsher treatment, including beating and electric shocks. Li Wei went on hunger-strike in June 1991 and Zhang Min in January 1992; both were ill treated as a result.

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