People’s Republic of China: violations of human rights

This document describes the main human rights violations reported in China during the past two years. Thousands of pro-democracy protestors have been arbitrarily detained. Many have received long prison sentences, e.g. Chen Lantao. Tibetan nationalists, including Agyal Tsering, a Buddhist monk, have been arrested both inside and outside Tibet. Religious dissidents continue to be imprisoned, e.g. Father Francis Wang Yijun, the 75-year-old Roman Catholic Vicar General of Wenzhou diocese, Zhejiang province. Thousands of people, mainly Muslims of the Kirghiz ethnic group, were reportedly detained after clashes with police in Xinjiang Autonomous Region in 1990. Unfair trials continue: the cases of Chen Ziming, Wang Juntao and Luo Haixing are cited here.

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