People’s Republic of China (Tibet Autonomous Region): Further information: Mass arrest / fear of ill-treatment: Lobsang Yonten, Gendun Rinchen and new name: Damchoe Pemo and an unknown number of Tibetans

According to recent unconfirmed reports a Tibetan woman, Damchoe Pemo, was arrested on 20 May 1993 in connection with the arrests of Lobsang Yonten on 11 May 1993 (not 13 May as previously stated) and Gendun Rinchen on 13 May. There is concern that all three may face ill-treatment and torture in incommunicado detention. Their whereabouts are unknown but they are all believed to be in the custody of the Ministry of State Security, and may be held in Seitru Detention Centre. There is further concern for Lobsang Yonten who suffers from tuberculosis and requires regular medication. Meanwhile further arbitrary arrests have been reported in Lhasa, following a series of demonstrations in the city which began on 24 May 1993.

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