Myanmar: Justice on Trial

On 22 May 2003 Amnesty International submitted a 29-page memorandum to the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC, Myanmar’s military government), in order to provide the SPDC with the opportunity to comment on and to clarify various issues about the administration of justice raised in the document. The Memorandum reveals the organization’s findings during its first visit to the country from 30 January to 8 February 2003, and drew on its institutional knowledge and expertise about both international human rights standards and human rights in Myanmar. The text of the original Memorandum has now been updated to reflect comments from the SPDC, which were received by Amnesty International on 9 July 2003. This report, ‘ Myanmar : Justice on trial’ outlines Amnesty ‘s major concerns about the administration of justice in Myanmar, and comments on the recent severe deterioration of the human rights situation there. The original Memorandum has been overshadowed by these recent developments, which are now addressed as part of this published report

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