Union of Myanmar (Burma): Arrests and trials of political prisoners January-July 1991

Amnesty International has collected the names of nearly 200 people arrested between January and July 1991 for political activities opposed to the SLORC. All appear still to be detained. This brings to more than 1,500 the total number of people known to AI who may be currently held by the ruling SLORC on political grounds. They include Buddhist monks, students, Muslims and members of opposition parties such as the NLD, LDP, DPNS, AFPFL, MNDF, BUDP, and UNDP. The trials of political prisoners arrested in 1990 and 1991 are described, along with those of people accused of armed sabotage or political murder in the first half of 1991. Information is given on the legal and political context of AI’s current concerns in Myanmar.

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