Australia: Treasure I$land: How companies are profiting from Australia’s abuse of refugees on Nauru

Under the Government of Australia’s “offshore processing” regime, everyone who arrives in Australia by boat seeking asylum is forcibly taken to a “Refugee Processing Centre” on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea or the Pacific island of Nauru.

This briefing exposes how companies Broadspectrum and Ferrovial are complicit in and reaping vast profits from the abusive and secretive system on Nauru, acting contrary to their responsibility to respect human rights and exposing themselves to potential liability under civil and criminal law. It also serves as a warning to others looking to provide these services on Nauru as well as Manus Island. Amnesty International is putting them on notice. You will be complicit in an intentionally and inherently abusive and cruel system, you will be acting in direct contravention of your human rights responsibilities and you will be exposing yourself to potential legal liability.

At their request, Wilson Security’s response to Amnesty International can be found on this website, index: ASA 12/6033/2017.

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