Venezuela: Arbitrary killings in February/March 1989: victims exhumed from mass graves

This circular describes the events leading up to the exhumation of common graves in the sector of a Caracas cemetery known as La Peste (the Plague), where bodies of a number of people killed during civil disturbances in early 1989 were reportedly buried. It also updates information about the judicial investigations into the above-mentioned killings. Three cases where remains have been identified are cited. They are: Jose del Carmen Pirela Leon, Ruben Rojas and Teobaldo Antonio Salas Guillen. Updates are given on the cases of: Crisanto Mederos, “Escalera de Mesuca” killings, Boris Bolivar Marcano, Richard Paez Paez, Hector Daniel Ortega Zapata, Juan Jose Garrido Blanco, Armando Antonio Castellanos and Wolfgang Waldemar Quintana.

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