United States of America: Further information on fear of refoulement: Haitian asylum-seekers held at the US Naval Base, Guantanamo, Cuba

3,900 Haitians were reportedly returned to Haiti after 6 January 1995, following what was described by UNHCR as “cursory screening”. 771 Haitians remained at the base after the screening; they included 314 unaccompanied children and 41 adults who had been designated “houseparents”. It has been reported that the US Government was continuing the forcible return of Haitians by repatriating unaccompanied minors and minors who have “aged out” (i.e. turned 18 while at the Guantanamo naval base). The US Government claims that those minors returned to Haiti have relatives there but AI has received evidence to the contrary. Also, reports indicate that mistakes have been made in the “aged out” selection process: one 16 year old was mistakenly identified as 18 years old and returned to Haiti. While there has been an improvement in conditions since the return of President Aristide, serious security concerns remain.

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