Peru: Protesters killed and injured in violent crackdown

As a result of a long dated political crisis, Peru has gone into a spiral of violence that included several human rights violations, especially against protesters in Lima and other major relevant cities. This political crisis escalated with then-President Castillo announcing the dissolution of the National Congress on 7 December. Protests and violence continue to rise throughout the country against Congress and the new political forces in place. To date, according to the Ombudsperson Office, seven people have died, including two adolescents, all by firearms, and dozens of injured protesters and journalists. The president must put an end to all excessive use of force against demonstrators, use all available resources to safeguard the life and integrity of all injured persons, provide the necessary support to the families of the deceased collaborate with authorities investigating all allegations of human rights violations in the context of the current crisis promptly, thoroughly, independently, and impartially.

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