Peru: “disappearance” and torture of “La Cantuta” student

This report consists of extracts from the testimony of Nancy Luz Pimentel Cuellar, who was held in unacknowledged detention for 22 days starting on 10 October 1992. She is a student at the Universidad de Educacion Enrique Guzman y Valle (“La Cantuta”) in Lima; in a previous document, AMR 46/45/92, AI expressed its concern about the “disappearance” of a lecturer and nine students from the same university. According to her testimony, she was subjected to severe torture by members of the security forces. She was released on 2 November, driven blindfolded from her place of detention and left in Miraflores in Lima. She claims that another girl was detained with her. AI has no information about the identity of the other girl.

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