Paraguay: Human rights violations against peasants

This paper is concerned with the reported extrajudicial killing of Nicolas Caceres, a regional leader of the Paraguayan Peasant Movement, Movimento Campesino Paraguayo (MCP) and the death in custody of Francisco Baez Gomez, an active member of the peasant organization, Organizacion Nacional Campesina (ONAC). Nicolas Caceres was reportedly killed on 5 August 1990 in the presence of another peasant leader, Narciso Riqelme. They were intercepted by the Alcalde Policial; Nicolas Caceres is said to have died instantly, while Narciso Riqelme managed to escape. Francisco Baez Gomez was taken into police custody on 10 May 1990; his body, apparently bearing signs of torture, was handed over to his family three days later.

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