Haiti: Torture of Wilcena Dorleus

This document reports the arrest and alleged torture of Wilcena Dorleus, a 26-year-old teacher from Petit-Goave, West Department, Haiti. He was arrested on 24 May 1992 as he was entering the Sylvio Cator Stadium to watch a football match: soldiers searching people attending the football match found a leaflet with a picture of deposed President Aristide in his pocket. He has testified that he was ill-treated at the stadium and during his detention in the police station known as the Cafeteria. He has also reported seeing a prisoner shot dead by soldiers. Eleven other people were arrested at the stadium on 24 May; AI fears that some may have “disappeared”. Wilcena Dorleus was released on 5 June after, he claims, his family paid $600 to police officials.

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