El Salvador: Killing of Gustavo Rosa Ramirez Aguilar

This circular reports the killing of 32-year-old Gustavo Ramirez Aguilar, from the community of El Charcon, La Libertad department, on 19 May 1991. He was shot dead in his home by three armed men in civilian clothing. Gustavo Rosa was a desplazado (displaced person). Events leading up to his death are described. Two months before his death, Gustavo Rosa had been threatened by local members of the ARENA party, who claimed that he was an activist for the Convergencia Democratica, the left-wing Democratic Convergence party. Ten days before his death, he was detained along with five others members of El Charcon community. All six reported having been tortured and coerced by the police to force them to admit to being criminals and FMLN collaborators.

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