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Brazil: Beyond despair: An agenda for human rights in Brazil: section level action: appeals cases circular

, Index number: AMR 19/016/1994

This document consists of 10 appeal cases, each highlighting a particular aspect of AI's concern about human rights violations in Brazil. The cases are: the Vigario Geral massacre; the abduction and killing of Ademir Barbosa Correia in January 1992 and the killing of Wilson Brito dos Santos on 19 November 1992; the "disappearance" of the "Mage 11" in 1990 and the killing of Edmeia da Silva Euzebio in 1993; the killings of three children in Bras da Pina, Rio de Janeiro in June 1994; the lynching of three robbers in Matupa, Mato Grosso and Olaria, Rio de Janeiro; the Candelaria massacre, July 1993; the death of Edson de Almeida after he had reportedly been ill-treated by military police and FEBEM staff members in March 1994; the findings of the Bar Association of Brazil concerning torture in police stations in Fortaleza, Ceara; the death, allegedly following torture, of Luiz Alexandre da Silva in Itapevi, 22 April 1994 and of Jose Pereira de Araujo in April 1991; the alleged sexual assault and torture by police of Miriam Peres Medeiros, July 1991.

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