Brazil: Fear for safety / possible extrajudicial executions

Aldemir Ricardo Gomes, Jose Marcos de Holanda Soares (both detained); witnesses to the possible extrajudicial execution of the following five men: Wilson Soares de Souza, Walmir Barbosa da Silva, Jose Alexandre da Silva, Edmilson Jose de Oliveira, Antonio Geronimo da Silva Junior: There is concern for the safety for the safety of Aldemir Ricardo Gomes and Jose Marcos de Holanda Soares who were detained by civil police on 14 January in Cavaleiro, Pernambuco state, in connection with the killing of a civil policeman on 12 January 1997. There is also concern that during a police raid on the neighbourhood of Alto Sao Sebastiao, Cavaleiro, five criminal suspects were killed in circumstances that suggest they may have been extrajudicially executed. There is concern for the safety of witnesses to the raid.

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