Medical letter writing action: Bolivia: Wilfredo Vela Maldonado

Wilfredo Vela Maldonado is a 19-year-old prisoner, at present awaiting trial on charges of planting explosives and of being a member of the illegal armed opposition group Ejercito Guerrillero Tupaj Katari (EGTK). He suffers from diabetes mellitus which does not appear to have been properly monitored since his arrest in September 1991. He was hospitalized in December 1991 for diabetic coma. In March 1992 he was said again to be close to coma and tests carried out in April prompted his doctors to recommend temporary release to allow urgent hospitalization. However, the Interior Ministry has ruled that no EGTK suspect be granted bail on any grounds. While aware of the gravity of the charges against him, AI calls for immediate medical care to be made available to him.

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