Argentina: The right to the full truth

Thousands of people were abducted and “disappeared” in Argentina during the period of military rule, 1976-1983. Although under the subsequent civilian government a number of former junta members and security force officials were tried and convicted, until recently the military has never acknowledged direct responsibility for the abductions, secret detentions, torture and executions carried out during that period. The National Commission on Disappeared People (CONADEP) has catalogued 8960 cases of unresolved “disappearances”. In this report, AI continues to call for a full investigation of the fate of the “disappeared” and the disclosure of the results. The report reviews recent revelations by former members of the security forces about involvement in human rights violations. It looks at efforts to investigate past violations, in Argentina and elsewhere. The report highlights the issue of pregnant women whose children were born in captivity and the efforts of their relatives to discover the fate of these women and their babies.

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