Further information on UA 64/93 (AFR 63/01/93, 9 March; and follow-ups AFR 63/02/93, 19 March; AFR 63/03/93, 23 March; and AFR 63/05/93, 28 April) – Zambia: legal concern: Bweendo Mulengela, Bonnie Tembo, Peter Lishika, Christopher Muyoka, Wezi Kaunda, St

Index Number: AFR 63/006/1993

Seven of the detainees named above, who were detained on 5 and 7 March 1993, had their detention orders revoked, and were released on 21 May 1993. They were immediately rearrested and charged with offences including treason felony and sedition. Another detainee, Lemmy Suwisha, who was also arrested in early March 1993, has been charged with sedition. All eight men have been released on bail.

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