Further information on UA 64/93 (AFR 63/01/93, 9 March) – Zambia: legal concern: Bweendo Mulengela, Bonnie Tembo, Peter Lishika, Christopher Muyoka, Weze Kaunda, Steven Moyo, Rabson Chongo, Stan Mutanga, McPherson Mbulo, William Banda, Rupiya Banda, Siand

Index Number: AFR 63/002/1993

Panji Kaunda, eldest son of former President Kenneth Kaunda, was arrested on 14 March 1993. Wilfred Wanani, Chairman for Local Government and Housing in the opposition UNIP party, was arrested on 18 March. These are the most recent detentions of UNIP members since the imposition of the State of Emergency. AI is concerned about allegations that Cuthbert Nguni and Henry Kamima have been ill-treated in detention. Four UNIP members were released without charge on 17 March. Weze Kaunda has reportedly ended his hunger- strike.

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