UA 64/93 – Zambia: legal concern: Bweendo Mulengela, Bonnie Tembo, Peter Lishika, Christopher Muyoka, Weze Kaunda, Steven Moyo, Rabson Chongo, Stan Mutanga, McPherson Mbulo, William Banda, Rupiya Banda, Sianda Ilukena, Cuthbert Nguni, Henry Kamima, Philem

Index Number: AFR 63/001/1993

The above-named members of the United National Independence Party (UNIP) have been detained without trial since early March 1993. They are being held under regulations invoked following the declaration of a State of Emergency on 4 March 1993, the first declared by the present government. These regulations allow indefinite administrative detention without charge or trial. The 18 detainees are being held in various police stations and are reported to be under interrogation. Weze Kaunda, son of the former President of Zambia, is reported to have started a hunger-strike. The detainees appear to be prisoners of conscience.

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