Uganda: The death penalty: a barrier to improving human rights

Index Number: AFR 59/003/1993

This report examines the use of the death penalty under the Penal Code and the court martial system. It rejects the claims put forward by the government that it acts as a deterrent; that the public expect retribution; that it is a way of preventing escape. Nine prisoners were hanged at Luzira Prison near Kampala on 1 March 1993. They were the first to be executed after conviction under the Penal Code since March 1991. The authorities did not publicly release their names, but it is confirmed that two, Christopher Sentamu and Yosefu Kizza, had been convicted in December 1989. It is thought four others were former members of the UNLA. At least 40 men are on death row after conviction under the Penal Code. Over 100 soldiers convicted under the military code are also awaiting execution.

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