Further information on EXTRA 65/94 (AFR 55/01/94, 21 November and follow-up AFR 55/02/94, 8 December) – Swaziland: potential prisoners of conscience: Mphandlana Shongwe, Thandeka Nxumalo, Msongelwa Lukhele, Zake Ginindza, Andreas Lukhele, Wiseman Mabuza,

Index Number: AFR 55/003/1994

On 14 December 1994 the magistrate at Lobamba Magistrate’s Court postponed making a ruling on the request by the DPP that suspended sentences against Mphandlana Songwe and Msongelwa Lukhele be revived. He also extended bail provisions for the two men, whose next appearance before the magistrate’s court will be 11 January 1995.

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