Sudan: Extend the Fact-Finding Mission’s mandate

We, the undersigned non-governmental organisations, urge your delegation to support a Human Rights Council resolution that would:
-Extend the FFM’s mandate for at least one year to allow it to pursue its work, with regular updates to, and interactive dialogues at, the Human Rights Council; and
-Make clear that the Council will remain actively seized of the matter, including by assessing the situation in Sudan and appropriate responses, which could include further extensions of the FFM’s mandate.
Furthermore, we urge the Council to follow up on resolutions S-32/1, 50/1, and S-36/1 by requesting additional reporting by the High Commissioner, with the assistance of his designated Expert, beyond the Council’s 58th session (February-April 2025).
Finally, we urge states to pay their contributions to the UN in full and on time to resolve the liquidity crisis and allow the FFM for Sudan, other independent investigations, and human rights bodies and mechanisms to fulfil their respective mandates, including by delivering outcomes and reports requested by intergovernmental bodies such as the Human Rights Council.

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