Sudan: Health workers and human rights

Index Number: AFR 54/035/1990

This paper contains information on the imprisonment of health professionals in Sudan, some 19 of whom were still in detention at the time of writing. It describes the torture and ill-treatment of detainees and contains information on harsh prison conditions. A list of prisoners currently held in the Kober and Shallah Prisons is supplied. They are: Al-Fatih Malik, Madani Ahmed Issa, Faissal Abdel Wahab, Dia Eddine Mohamed Al-Sayed, Majhoub Mohamed Taha, Abdel Latif Mohamed Zein, Abdel Muneim Hassan Al- Sheikh, Montong Biong Kwal, Mukhtar Fadul Ahmed, Sayed Mohamed Abdallah, Abdel Muneim Saadeddine, Nagib Nagm Eddine, Taha Al-Hah Kron, Sayed Mukhtar al-Feel, Hamouda Fath Al-Rahman, Omar al-Nagib, Magdi Ishaq Ahmed, Mirghani Ali Habiballa, Ahmed Abdel Mawla Abashar.

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