Sudan: Fear of torture / possible prisoners of conscience

Mohamed Mahjub Mohamed Ali, Ali Ahmed al-Said, Gamal Abdel Rahman, Mohamed Nourain, Yahya Mudalal, Saudi Darraj, Taha Said Ahmed, Abdalla Malik, Nasr Ali Nasr, Kamil Abdel Rahman al-Sheik, Siddiq Youssif al-Nur, al-Haj Karoum, Mohamed Adam, Awad Al-Karim Mohamed Ahmed, Abdel Karim Karomal, Abdel Aziz al-Rufai, Gaafar, Kouko, Mohamed Abdin Osman, Ali Simat, Sid Ahmed al-Hussein, Hashim Tullub, Dr Osman Sour Kati, Mahdi Abdelrahman Ali: Amnesty International has received reports of a further 24 arrests of alleged political opponents since the beginning of January 1997. They include members of the banned Communist Party and the Democratic Unionist Party and trade unionists. There is concern that they are being held without charge or trial, and may be at risk of torture or ill-treatment. There is also concern that they may be prisoners of conscience.

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