South Africa: Statement submitted by Amnesty International to the United Nations Special Committee against Apartheid

Index Number: AFR 53/070/1990

This paper is a statement of AI’s concern about serious human rights violations resulting from the continued existence of special powers of detention without charge in South Africa. In 1990, the authorities have in particular used their powers under section 29 of the Internal Security Act to detain people indefinitely, incommunicado and in solitary confinement. Between 1 January and early October 1990 at least 183 people were held under these provisions, 126 of whom were still detained at the time of writing. Individual cases are described here, namely: Thabiso Radebe, J B Sibanyoni, Yusuf Mahomed, Sathyandranath “Mac” Maharaj, Jabulani Sithole, Pravin Gordhan, Billy Nair, David Madurai, Donald Madisha

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