Further information on UA 416/92 (AFR 51/05/92, 31 December and follow-up AFR 51/01/93, 11 January) – Sierra Leone: death penalty / legal concern / fear of further executions: 26 people executed including: James Bambay Kamara, Lieutenant-Colonel James Yay

Index Number: AFR 51/002/1993

At least 8 people are still detained incommunicado, suspected of involvement in an alleged coup attempt on 28 December 1992. 26 people were executed in Freetown on or before 29 December 1992 after unfair trials or no trials at all. AI fears that those detained are in danger of imminent execution. New evidence has emerged, indicating that three people, including Lieutenant-Colonel James Yaya Kanu, allegedly killed in crossfire may have been deliberately and summarily executed. There are also fears that 68-year-old imam Alhaji Chernor Ajibu Jalloh has been tortured in detention.

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