Zimbabwe: Further information: Former MPs’ convictions must be quashed: Job Sikhala, Godfrey Sithole, Nyatsime 16

On 30 January 2024, former opposition leader Job Sikhala was released after 595 days of arbitrary detention. Job Sikhala was arrested on 14 June 2022 and convicted on 3 May 2023 for obstruction of justice and given a suspended six-month sentence with an option of paying US$ 600 as fine. On 30 January 2024, he was convicted and sentenced to a suspended two-year prison term under a law that no longer exists after he was accused of posting a video on Facebook claiming that a police officer had killed a baby. The Zimbabwean authorities must immediately overturn Job Sikhala’s convictions and sentence and stop weaponizing the criminal justice system to target, harass and intimidate opposition leaders.

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