Nigeria: Death in detention / health concern / legal concern: Clement Tusima, aged 40, mechanic, supporter of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP), and 17 other MOSOP supporters

Concern for the safety of a group of Ogoni activists in prolonged untried detention has been greatly heightened by the news that one of them, Clement Tusima, ahs died, apparently after months of serious illness and medical neglect. Tusima and at least 18 other detainees were held incommunicado and without charge from mid-1994 to June 1995, brought before a Magistrate’s Court on a “holding charge” believed to be murder, and then transferred to police cells. AI is concerned that Clement Tusima’s co-detainees are being held in health-threatening conditions and are being denied proper medical care. It is not clear if the 17 are still being held incommunicado.

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