Niger: Summary of Amnesty International’s concerns since 10 October 1991

Index Number: AFR 43/001/1992

This document updates “Niger: Summary of Amnesty International’s concerns in 1991” (AFR 43/01/91) issued on 10 October 1991. More information has become available about the work of the National Conference. In particular, more detail is available about the investigations carried out by its Commission des crimes et abus politiques. This Commission has suspended various officials from office for alleged involvement in human rights violations, has ordered their arrest or house arrest and has urged the resignation of the head of state himself, on grounds of suspicion of complicity in violations such as the killing of hundreds of Tuareg in early 1990. (This recommendation was rejected). An amnesty for offences connected to a 1983 coup attempt was announced in October 1991.

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