Kenya: Further information: legal concern / fear of ill-treatment: Koigi wa Wamwere, Mirugi Kariuki, Susan Wangui, Francis Mureithi Kanothe, Joseph Thiga Kariuki, Geoffrey Kuria Kariuki, John Njoroge, John Kinyuanjui

On 22 September 1993 the first seven of the above were brought to court in Nakuru and given access to their lawyers. Susan Wangui was released on bail. Four of the prisoners, Francis Mureithi Kanothe, Geoffrey Kuria Kariuki, John Njoroge Wamwere and John Kinyanjui wre reportedly beaten by police. John Kinyanjui was released without charge, but the police ordered that the other three be given medical treatment. Dr Lukas Munyua, an independent doctor and human rights activist, had been refused access to them and was himself threatened by police. Two other members of the National Democratic Human Rights Organization (NDEHURIO), Kariuki Kiboi and Joseph Njoroge were arrested and are reportedly being held incommunicado without charge.

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