Equatorial Guinea: Further information: Human rights defender’s whereabouts unknown: Anacleto Micha Ndong

Anacleto Micha Ndong, an Equatoguinean human rights defender, was sent to the Malabo prison of Black Beach on pre-trial detention on 1 March. He has been accused of outrage and calumny by a gendarme who Anacleto Micha Ndong had accused of torturing him the last time he was detained in Black Beach, in 2023. On 15 April, his lawyer went to Black Beach to visit him when he was told that he cannot see him because he was not there. Since then, no one has seen Anacleto Micha or has received any official confirmation of his whereabouts, in what amounts to an enforced disappearance. According to some sources, he has been transferred to Oveng Ansem prison, where torture is reported to be prevalent. The authorities must immediately disclose Anacleto Micha Ndong’s fate and whereabouts.

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