Equatorial Guinea: Arrests since the elections in November 1993

This short paper updates an AI report issued in February 1994 (AFR 24/01/94) which described the escalation of human rights violations by the security forces in the run-up to the November 1993 elections. AI has received news of further violations related to the elections. About 100 people have reportedly been arrested and tortured or ill-treated on the grounds that they failed to vote. Intimidation of those who boycotted the elections has reportedly continued into 1994. Political activists arrested after the elections include: Asuncion Micha, Isabel Nchama and Mercedes Mangue; Diosdado Chale Becha, Jesus Angri Noconoco, Weka Becucu and Becha; and Matias Ela Econg. Other violations include the shooting and wounding of Simplicio Olui Nguema by a security police officer in February 1994 and the subsequent arrest of at least 15 people and the death of Eliseo Nve Ngomo, a policeman allegedly poisoned after spending two days in prison.

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