Chad: Amnesty International calls for a full inquiry into army killings in the south in 1993

A new wave of killings is reported to have begun in Chad on 21 January 1993 in the area around Gore town in southern Chad. At least 45 civilians were allegedly killed and several villages burnt to the ground. The killings reportedly began after an unsucessful attempt by the army to capture leaders of the armed opposition CSNPD. Those reportedly killed include: Matthieu Ndotoloum and Jacques Diedje, two pastors; the whereabouts of Lieutenant Serayohim Doyo, Sous-Officer Hassane Kabo, Sergent-Chef Ndouba Njadimadje and Sous-Lieutenant Joachim Nojihorkem Mbailaou remain unknown. Moussa Ben Moussa, a nurse, is believed to be held incommunicado in N’Djamena. There are fears for his safety.

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