CAFRAN 01/92: Burundi: Appeals for an inquiry into army and gendarmerie killings and other recent human rights violations

Index Number: AFR 16/004/1992

This document reports AI’s concern about the alleged killings, “disappearances”, torture and ill-treatment of members of the majority Hutu group by government troops and gendarmes, most of whom come from the minority Tutsi group. These violations appear to have intensified after attacks on government installations in November 1991, attributed by the government to the illegal Parti pour la liberation du peuple Hutu (PALIPEHUTU). PALIPEHUTU has denied responsibility. Reported killings include those at Kanyosha Minor Seminary, of prisoners at Bubanza gendarmerie, and of Isidore Ciza’s family. The “disappearances” of Obedi Bambanze, Saidi Hussein and Renovat Ndikumana are reported. AI is also concerned about reports of torture and harsh prison conditions.

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