Religious Action 1993 (includes correction)

The cases reported here are: the killing of Quranic teacher Faky Ali Ahmat in Chad; killing of at least 37 people during a peaceful Catholic demonstration in Zaire; “disappearance” of Methodist human rights activist Eduardo Anibal Blanco Araya in Honduras; 5 elderly Roman Catholic clergy jailed in China; imprisonment of Catholic priest Father Moon Kyu-hyun in South Korea; Buddhist monks Thich Tue Sy and Thich Tri Sieu, prisoners of conscience in Viet Nam; execution of Baha’i Bahman Samandari in Iran; “disappearance” of Shi’a Muslim Al-Sayyid Hassan al-Qubanji, aged 82, in Iraq; house arrest of spiritual leader Abdesalam Yassine in Morocco; detention without trial of Naji Jasib al-Tuhaifa in Saudi Arabia; Dimitrios Tsironis, a Greek Jehovah’s Witness and conscientious objector.

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