Death Penalty News September 1994

1. Trinidad and Tobago: Man executed while appeals still in progress. 2. USA (Massachusetts): state legislature moves to reinstate death penalty. 3. USA (Arkansas): Three men executed on the same day. 4. USA (California): Choice of death by filling in a form. 5. USA: New crime bill expands scope of federal death penalty. 6. Tanzania: Judge rules death penalty unconstitutional. 7. South Africa: Amnesty International calls on President Mandela to abolish the death penalty. 8. Judicial committee of the Privy Council reduces two murder verdicts to manslaughter. 9. Nigeria: 38 prisoners executed by firing squad. 10. Bosnia-Herzegovina: government has decided to abolish the death penalty. 12. Macau: Ban on capital punishment could remain. 13. Philippines: Church and human rights groups petition Supreme Court. 14: Book Review: Dead man walking by Helen Prejean (UK: Fount).

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