Death penalty news June 1993

Index Number: ACT 53/002/1993

1. Hong Kong and the Gambia abolish death penalty for all crimes. 2. Italy: Moves towards total abolition. 3. USA: Recent developments. 4. Uganda: Nine prisoners executed. 5. Egypt: Death penalty for politically motivated crimes. 6. Japan: Resumes executions. 7. Taiwan: “Model prisoner” executed (Liu Huan-jong). 8. Saudi Arabia: Upsurge in public executions. 9. Austria and Ecuador ratify Second Optional Protocol. 10. Book reviews – Hangman: From Ketch to Pierrepoint – 300 years of execution, Brian Bailey; In spite of innocence: erroneous convictions in capital cases, Michael L Radelet; La peine de mort au seuil du troisieme millinaire, Robert Cario; The execution protocol, Stephen Trombley; Against the death penalty, Victor Kogan-Yasny (in Russian)

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