AI Week 1994: Children and young people: cases for appeals

This document contains fourteen cases of young people in various countries who have suffered human rights violations. They are: the torture of 9-year-old Junyonto and his parents in Indonesia; the alleged rape by police in India of a Bangladeshi girl aged 11; the detention of a Buddhist novice, Sherab Ngawang, 12, in Tibet; the detention on charges of blasphemy of Salamat Masih, 13, in Pakistan; the killing of two teenagers, Marcos Jose do Espirito Santo, 17 and Hemisferio Peres Ferreira, 16, in Mato Grosso, Brazil; the killing of homeless youths Javier Gonzalez, Jairo Murcio and another child, “Asprilla”, in Bogota, Colombia; the illegal detention and ill-treatment of Jocelyne Jeanty, 4, and others in Haiti; the sentencing to death of Robert Carter in the USA; the “disappearance” of Yolanda Landino, 14, in Venezuela; the ill-treatment in Bulgaria of Roma member Anton Stefanov Assenov, 14; the injuring of Ercan Bayir, 6, and other children in an attack on his village in Turkey; the “disappearance” of Zikri Mafkhosh Mustafa, 13, and 314 other children in Iraq; the attempted killing of Tharcisse Bigirmana, 16, in Burundi; and the abduction and massacre of at least 40 boys in Rwanda.

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