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Power of the Pen Literacy Pack

, Index number: SEC 01/021/2013

A series of two lessons aimed at promoting literacy in secondary schools by engaging students in letter writing for human rights. Students will learn about the impact letter writing can have on the situation of people whose lives are at risk. They then are provided with an Amnesty case and asked to write a letter on behalf of the people identified. Cases are regularly updated on the pack website. The pack web-page will also have links to our annual Write for Rights pages. Teachers are asked to send letters to our office, after which they will receive a thank you letter from us and information on how to become more involved in Amnesty. The pack is designed for lower Secondary students (age 11-14). A primary version will be available in early autumn. We have targeted this pack towards English Teachers and school Literacy coordinators. Full pack can be found at http://www.amnesty.org.uk/literacy

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